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Applewood Transition for Young Women

For young women who have become stuck at home, at school or in a treatment setting, Applewood Transition provides an opportunity to step back and truly look inward before continuing to move forward on the individual journey. Young adults often reach a point of fight or flight in the treatment process or when they meet barriers at home or school. For some, flight is often easier to choose – whether that means physically running away or mentally and emotionally detaching. At this point, providing the young adult with a new and unfamiliar environment can be the change agent – the catalyst to move forward.

Applewood is a highly individualized retreat-style program providing opportunities for the young women to develop self-awareness and self-respect. Young adults are often hiding behind an image – wearing a mask that helps them feel as though they fit in with a group, even if that group is not positive. Our media-infused world supports them maintaining an image rather than being comfortable and confident in self. Spending time in a simple environment – connecting with nature through high adventure activities and equine-assisted learning – provides opportunities for self-discovery and confidence building . . . returning to the authentic self. The staff utilizes coaching and mentoring techniques to assist the young adult on her journey.

The young women participating in Applewood Transitions live and work in a Bed & Breakfast style Inn that also houses a breakfast restaurant, The Breakfast Nook. Each young lady gets the opportunity to learn how to operate the restaurant from ordering and marketing, to cooking and waitressing. Working in this environment allows the participants to develop real-world skills and gives them an external project that acts as a catalyst for the internal changes and growth.


High School
Utilizing a home schooling curriculum, we can provide high school completion for students who are still striving for that milestone. If appropriate, we will work with the student's home school to facilitate completion of senior year. We will also facilitate completion of in-process programs such as BYU Online.

When appropriate, our clients may enroll in college or vocational classes at nearby institutions or via online options. We also help our clients prepare for these next big steps in life.

We work with local therapists and psychologists to provide therapeutic support as needed for our clients. We also provide medication management as needed.

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Angie Senic-Shockley
Sandy Schmiedeknecht

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