Explore & Practice Real Life Skills

Operating since 2010

Applewood transitions for young women is a supportive, community immersed program for emerging young adult women to explore and practice real life skills.


Our clients often struggle with recurring issues from adolescence, causing difficulties in transitioning effectively to independence. Many of our clients have participated in numerous forms of therapy, but have struggled translating what they have learned to real life. Supported and guided by Certified Life Coaches and mentors, clients are presented with real life situations on a daily basis. This provides opportunities for them to have genuine experiences rather than contrived outcomes.

The Applewood Inn is a three story building located in Canaan Valley, WV. Between the upper and lower floors, you will find the Breakfast Nook Restaurant. Our clients begin developing real life work skills by working at the Breakfast Nook, which is open seven days per week from 7:00 AM – 11 AM weekdays and 7AM to Noon Saturdays and Sundays. Each young woman has the opportunity to operate all aspects of the restaurant, including ordering, marketing, cooking, waitressing, washing dishes, and customer service. Our clients may also work in one of our other businesses (Scarlet Gray gift shop, Gobs and Gobs of Kabobs Food Truck, or on the Farm) or in one of the many businesses in the local community. Clients develop real-world skills and personal responsibility by having an external project that acts as a catalyst for internal changes and growth.

Daily routines are different for each client, but they all share in the responsibilities of keeping up their “house.”   Each day includes breakfast and lunch on their own (they plan and prepare their breakfast and lunch individually, though they may eat together, depending on schedules). For dinner, the opportunity exists for them to either cook as a group, or learn to cook on their own with the mentor’s support.  Group meals when the schedule allows, provide a great opportunity for practicing positive and appropriate social skills. The daily living schedules are designed to allow clients to practice their executive functioning skills.

All of the ladies have the opportunity to participate in outdoor-based adventure activities. Canaan Valley boasts endless hiking trails, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, swimming, biking, fishing, camping, skiing (downhill and cross country) and snowshoeing. The young ladies enjoy participating in these activities, which are suited to the individual’s experience.

The young ladies also help with Saddles & Smiles.   Saddles & Smiles is a non-profit providing equine assisted learning experiences for children and young adults in the local community.  The young ladies participate in the planning and execution of two camps each summer.  The activities including instructing in basic horse care, riding instruction/support, creative crafting, and relationship building.


Our Life Skills Curriculum is the core of the Applewood programming, providing specific direction and support to help clients meet their individual goals for independent living.

All of our clients are engaged in some level of academic, vocational or training program.  Some of our clients have not been able to complete high school due to extenuating circumstances, so we offer the opportunity to complete a high school diploma through the TASC program(GED), Home School Program, and/or online High School.  We provide individual tutoring as needed.  We also work with Eastern WV Technical and Community College where our clients can take college level courses in a variety of vocational areas or take entry-level core courses as they prepare to attend a four-year college or university.  Some of our clients complete online courses in an Ed-To-Go program, which provides a certificate of completion. Our clients are permitted to take a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) course through our local assisted living program.  We also work with local professionals to provide apprenticeships for clients as appropriate. These areas can include electrician, farrier, construction, cable TV/phone/internet line work, and mechanic.