Meet Our Director of Admissions and Marketing

Anngela Wells Starnes is the Director of Admissions and Marketing at Q&A Associates. Anngela comes to Q&A with rich experience in the therapeutic world. Her passion for helping others began in 1988 when she helped her father and stepmother, Larry and Karen Wells, found a program called Wilderness Conquest, later known as Wilderness Quest.

Anngela served as the Admissions and Marketing Director for almost 18 years. In 1995, Anngela became an International Certified Addictions Dependency Counselor. When Wilderness Quest changed hands in 2005, Anngela began working in her local school districts, providing experiential and self-esteem groups as well as life skills training to high school students. She also facilitated preteen groups, interventions for family members, anger management classes, along with providing services for first offenders and probation violators for the court system. She worked for a residential treatment program as an outreach counselor and served as Admissions and Marketing Specialist for Life Designs.

Anngela’s ability to share compassion, love and hope was developed through overcoming her own struggles and challenges. She has been working with adolescents, young adults and families for nearly 30 years. “Anngela’s knowledge, professionalism, and compassion for admissions and marketing will be an asset to our team at Q&A; we are thrilled to have her,” stated Angie Shockley, Founder and CEO.

Anngela is the proud mother of five children. She and her husband Buddy own and operate A&B Excavation Trucking. They make their home in Idaho Falls, ID.  She can be reached at 304-704-6383 and

Thank you for inquiring into our young adult programs. We hope by now you have had a chance to review our website and learn a bit about who we are and what we do. If you would like to learn more about our program, we invite you to call us directly and speak with our Admissions and Marketing Director:

Anngela Starnes

  • Phone: 304-704-6383

Please login and complete our admissions packet by clicking on the link above.

When we receive the application, we will conduct an initial call with the young adult who will be attending the program or a trusted family member. We will take the information on the application, have a staff and clinical review and determine which Q&A program the young adult is most appropriate for.

If we believe that we should move forward, we will have a final call with the young adult who will be attending the program. This call may be with our Admissions Director and/or other key staff. (clinician, life coach, program director) The purpose of the call is to discuss specifics about our program and the client’s goals, strengths and challenges. If after this call all parties are in agreement that our program is a good match for the client, we will arrange for a tour if needed. We will then also decide on an admission date that works for everyone involved.